welcome on c'est skadiida.

i'm glad you found your way here. maybe you know me already. i was the author of "le monde de skadiida". Are you wondering why i have a new blog? well i still love my old baby but as the time went by my life changed: my interests, my personality, my style, my hometown, my friends,...i just grew older and i can't identify myself anymore in "le monde de skadiida" so it's finally time for a new start: C'EST SKADIIDA.

i have lot's of ideas for c'est skadiida. i want to give you some insight in my new life. as some of you may know i moved a year ago to london what means i'm going to write a bit about london and my life here. of course music will play a part what means the song of the week going to return also concert reviews and i will introduce you to some new bands. i will show you some of my outfits and finally you'll get some smart-alec blabla - you'll see what i mean ;)

so let me introduce myself:
i am a 22 year old girl who was born and raised in austria but moved one year ago to london. i am a music addicted life lover with a passion for photography what means i always carry a camera with me, go at least once a week on a concert and try to enjoy every second of my life.

thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to follow me: 


  1. A really beautiful picture, dear.
    All the best from sunny Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa


thank you. hope to see you soon again x