SONG OF THE WEEK nr 2: Temples - Keep In The Dark

 this weeks song of the week is "keep in the dark" from temples. it's their third single after "shelter song" and "colours to life" and it will be released through heavenly recordings on 7 october 2013. so as it's really brand new. ;)  the track was self-recorded in the pyramid studios, the lead singers own studios, and mixed by claudius mittendorfer. the single also has a b-side "jewel of mine eye" and will be available digitally and also on limited 7". 

the band: 
temples are a young neo-psych group from the midlands, england. they were formed 2012 by singer-guitarist edward bagshaw and thomas edison warmsley. they uploaded some of their self recorded tracks on youtube and soon got the attention of heavenly recordings founder jeff barrett who shortly after agreed to release their first single "shelter song" (november 2012). they then completed the band with keyboard player adam smith and drummer sam toms and started to play their first concerts together what soon started to be sold out shows with famous attendees like liam gallagher. they supported bands like jets, kasabian, the vaccines, suede myster and just announced that their first UK headline tour will take place in october 2013. their music sounds a bit like the last 40 years of music never happened. their songs are rooted in psychedelia with a touch of 60s but focused on a modern perspective on recording. i am pretty sure that we can expect a really outstanding debut album.

the video:
the video was directed by abbie stephens. i really like that she experienced with smoke, shades, perspectives and geometric frames. i love the scenes where you can see hardly anything else then the contours of their faces because of the light in the background. the shots where the musicians got multiplied like in a broken mirror give the video this kind of 60s, LSD touch. the colours she used also increase this strange atmosphere what makes you feel kind of dizzy. to the outfits: i really like what edward bagshaw wears. this golden top on a guy makes him look like he's from outta space and not to mention his really nice curly hair. also the outfits of the others are a good choise. the polo neck of adam smith is quite simple but it's just his look and it looks really good in combination with his messy hair style.

my opinion: 
i discovered them through an article in a magazine. to be honest they got my attention because of their style and so i decided to check them out and well they immediately got me with their first single "shelter song". and as usual when i like a band i decided to go to their next concert. well to be honest it wasn't the best. it was quite obvious that they hadn't that much experience and they didn't really know how to treat the audience. but they made a quite good job despite of that and i am sure after some practice they will get better and then it's definitely worth to see them live.

event hint: 
if you are in london on sunday, 1 september 2013, pop into the lock tavern in camden for a dj set of them. it's free ;)

to find out more about the band click here

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