LNDN - my first time at the vintage kilo sale

i planned to go on a vintage kilo sale since i've heard from the first one but now after quite a while i finally made it to one and it was an experience and i am sure i'll try to make it to the next one again. 

well that's my story: 
i left the house way too late and the transport took ages so i arrived quite late at the tube station bethnal green. finally there i had no idea where to go so i just chose one of the exits of the tube station and tata on the street were lots of people with huge packed purple shopping bags with the label "the vintage kilo sale" and they all came from the same direction so i just followed their way and i arrived 2 minutes later at the york hall where the sale took place. to be honest i got quite worried when i saw all those people with the packed shopping bags. i though that i am probably way too late and that all cloths are already gone but i calmed down when i realized that i am not the only one who arrived at 2pm. so i queued to pay the entrance fee of 1 pound, catched a purple bag and entered the hall. the first thing what came on my mind when i saw all those shopping rails and floor canvas was "that gonna take a while".  so i started at the first floor canvas what crossed my way and was quite disappointed because i didn't like any garment. so i continued with the next canvas and it didn't take long until some girls joined me. well it seemed a bit like a fight for the best cloths but i was quite successful. after an hour rummaging i decided to give up and started to search the dressing rooms but well there were none. so i followed the other girls in a side room. in there were some mirrors, heaps of cloths - i even thought about rummaging through them but didn't do it - and lot's of people trying on their cloths. in the end i found two scarves, a cardigan and a blouse (o'neill) and i paid only 5 pounds because it was less than a kilo. it was definitely worth the visit but i'm sure you can find way nicer cloths when you arrive there early. but i'm def gonna go to the next one and this time from the beginning. ;D

the vintage kilo sale 
york hall in bethnal green 
buy your vintage by weight and pay just 15 pounds a kilo
5 tonnes of vintage from 1970s - 1990s
average of 4-5 items for 15 pounds
next fair: 6 october 2013

arrive early
do take time
stay calm 


  1. danke (: ♥
    Dieser Vintage-Kilo Sale hört sich gut an, hättei ch hier auch gerne mal :)

    Grüsse ♥

  2. great photos!
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  3. Oh, I wish I could be there! It looks so awesome :(
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I've followed yours ;>
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thank you. hope to see you soon again x