SONG OF THE WEEK nr 3: Young*husband - Silver Sisters

this weeks song of the week is "silver sisters" from younghusbands. it's their first single from the debut album called "dromes" what was released on september 16 by sonic cathedral. the album was produced by nicolas vernhes and features 12 tracks. 

the band: 
younghusband is a british band from london, uk. the line up consists of euan hinshelwood (vocal/guitar/keys), adam beach (guitar), joe chilton (bass) and pete baker (drums). they released their first single in june 2011 with the uk label too pure. this was followed by the ep "crystal" released in november 2011 by sonic cathedral. younghusband initially exists as a bedroom recording project by euan who put out an early single and two e.p's "the judas cow" and "idiot son" on small u.k. label culturedeluxe. shortly after this band was was formed to play the songs live. overtime the band started writing together and embraced a heavier psych filled sound, moving away from the lo-fi acoustic orientated sound of the bedroom output. in interviews the band have mentioned stereolab, the birthday party, the brian jonestown m massacre, yo la tengo, beach boy's, the ronnettes, broafdcast, wire and the cocteau twin's to be amongst their influences. source

my opinion: 
i saw them live a couple of weeks ago in a tiny little pub. i didn't expect a lot but they were really good. i love it when i am on a concert and i feel like i'm outta space and just focus on the band playing and this happened when i saw the young*husband. 

event hint: 
the young*husband are currently on tour and going to play their next london show on 24 september in the lexington. check them out and let me know what you think! (: 


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