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that's my story: 
i usually don't want to write about celebrities or actors but in that case i just have to show you the photos i made. i have atm my parents over what means lots of sightseeing and i really want them to enjoy their time here and make unforgettable experiences so i decided to take them to the red carpet premier of "saving mr banks". you have to know i grew up in a city in austria and hollywood seems far away from there so it was a really special moment for my mum to see the people from the screen in reality. we arrived quite late at leicester square so we didn't have the best place and saw most of the celebs just from behind but one decided to come to our corner: colin farrell. he remained quite a while in front of us and chatted with a little fan of him. he was really lovely and didn't seem arrogant at all. other famous attendees of the event were tom hanks, lily allen, emma thompson, ruth wilson, sarah owen, harley (rizzle kicks) and many more. it was really interesting to watch the whole event. how the journalists prepare themselves (ya ya they're still studying who's who before the celebs arrive), the fights of the paparazzi for the best picture, the relaxed securities and the behaving of celebs (socializing, socializing, socializing!). should you be interested in films and actors and you have the chance to attend a red carpet premier in london i can really recommend it. here's are some hints, how to survive a red carpet event:


there is nearly every week a red carpet film premiere and most of them have really famous attendees. to find out when what premier takes place just ask our best friend google and you will find all the details. when it's a not really hyped film it's enough when you arrive in time or best half an hour or hour earlier to get a good place. usually there are not too many people so you can even see something when you come late. should it be a film premiere like ie the hobbit 2, try to come as early as possible or just give up. most of the time you can also find some hardcore fans who camp already over night to get the best place. the celebs usually attend between 5.15 and 6.15 pm. and should you miss the red carpet event, you still have a chance to see some celebs getting out of the cinema after the film premier. (between 9 and 10 pm). 


they take place at leicester square in one of the three cinemas
guests attend between 5.15 and 6.15 pm 
come early, stay calm and don't push
take your camera with you 
and enjoy! 

let me know what you've experienced. 

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