LFW AW 14 - Hema Kaul

i finally made it to attend some shows at the london fashion week. it was quite exciting as it was my first time. i mean i dipped into some fashion events before but never had the chance to see a show live. a friend managed to get me two invitations (thank you!) and the first show i attended was the one of Hema Kaul

the designer:
Hema Kaul is quite new in the business. She is a fashion graduate who is frequently on the lookout for up and coming trends which are inspired by her favorite designers Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel. She tries to mix and match different materials to create her little masterpieces. Hema Kaul officially launched her international collection during London Fashion Week SS 2014. Her dresses speak to women who like her are confident to fulfil given responsibilities but never stop seizing opportunities to become better and pursue what they really love. 

The show was held in the beautiful hall at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue. The perfect venue for the 1950s vintage glamour inspired collection. It started with a combination of nude and champagne, silver and mauve coloured outfits of high-waisted, satin pencil skirts and chic peplum tops. Followed by darker colours like scarlet and midnight blue for velvet tops, floor long dresses and tailored trousers. Throughout the show the outfits had a touch of 1950s glam with a modern twist complemented with Kaul’s signature of intricate detailing of lace and embroidery.  Hair and make-up embraced the vintage glamour feel, as all the models wore dark red lipstick and groomed, waved hair pulled back.  


What I really liked about the show was that Hema Kaul didn't choose super skinny models. The models were of course all thin but looked healthy and beautiful. I didn't recognize any of the models despite of Georgia Hobday. 

my opinion:
I was pleasantly surprised by the outfits. I really liked the combination of the materials and as you might know I'm a big fan of lace. I would have chosen for the champagne and nude coloured outfits another colour but that's just my personal preference as I can't really wear light colours. The dark outfits, especially the red once where more my cup of tea. My favorite dress was the red dress from picture 3. 


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