LIVE: Matthew and the Atlas - Dingwalls

I recently had the chance to shoot the sold out gig of Matthew And The Atlas.
click here to read more about him and the concert.  


the band: 
Matthew And The Atlas, also know as Matthew Hegarty is a british folk musician. His newest album “Other Rivers” was the first one in two years and he says it was “30 years in the making”´. It was released last month by Communion Records. Produced by Story Books’ Kristofer Harris and Communions’s own Kev Jones. The album is packed with soulful songs with strong lyrics in combination with beautiful melodies and Matthew’s beautiful voice. 

the gig: 
it was a quite good gig. I usually prefer action packed concerts but matthew catched me with his voice. I just had to listen him and watch the audience react. I doubt that I would go on another gig but he is still a really good musician it's just not what I usually listen to. 


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