it's time for my first ever insta bomb. instagram is my all time favorite app and i use it a lot. it is my picture diary. i try to capture every special moment and i love to check out my instagram history. i don't really have enough time to write a diary so this is a really nice way to keep some memories. i thought i gonna post once in a while an insta bomb to let you see whats happening in my life when i don't have enough time to post on my blog - and trust me there's a lot happening. i went the last weeks on three concerts: jake bugg, tom odell and arctic monkey, went to see dirty dancing the musical, spent some days strolling around in camden and brick lane, went out to party in shoreditch, dalston and camden, spent lots of time in central london, went for lunch to borough market, celebrated halloween, went to a tutorial of a fashion photographer, made a course at central saint martins university and did lots of vintage shopping. hope you enjoy my insta bomb and feel free to follow my instagram


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    1. i'm glad you like them! i love halloween! :D x

  2. I love the makeup! Very talented!!! Great blog!

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thank you. hope to see you soon again x