SONG OF THE WEEK nr 5: Skaters - Deadbolt

hey guys, this weeks song of the week is from a band called skaters. i actually saw them live last weekend and i am really impressed. i knew them before but they completely got me with their live show. well let's start from the scratch.

the band: 
skaters is a band from new york formed by singer michael ian cummings, noah rubin (drums - the dead trees, adam green, little joy) and guitarist joshua hubbard (the paddingtons, dirty pretty things) in 2011 - so they are quite know musicians. when their old bands started to wind down, the three got together to form the skaters. the result is a smart, dynamic punk band drawing inspiration from obscure genres and cultures what calls their genre "humblecore". deadbold is their follow-up to their first single "i wanna dance (but i don't know how)" and was just released a couple of weeks. their debut album "manhattan" recorded in electric lady studios NY is out 24th february by warner. the band supported deap vally on their UK tour and also played alread lots of sold out gigs.Their gonna tour again through the uk in next february/march 2014 so try to make it to one of their gigs. they are worth it ;) 

the front man michael told T magazine that the band name doesn’t refer to their talent to skate...it doesn’t at all... no one of them can skateboard. It just reminds them of their youth and the way they felt listening to music and hanging out with friends running around the city being a hooligan.

my opinion: 
as i said i saw them live a week ago and i am really impressed. the club was packed with people who were just waiting on them to appear on stage. as soon they started everyone was just freaking out. they crowd was jumping, singing, moshing and you could see how much fun everyone had. the band was the same. michael, the singer, was stage diving and shared his bottle of tequila with the audience. he actually seemed quite wasted but you know...musicians... it seemed like a something specials happening in a small underground venue. well it was kind of special. i'd never seen the audience freak out like that in this venue before and trust me i've been to lots of concerts in there. it wasn't a long gig, they don't have that many songs yet, but it was really enjoyable from the beginning to the end. even the band members seemed to be really impressed and they proofed it with their tweet the other day:

Last night ... WOW. Maybe best skaters show to date??"

you guys should really try to make it to one of their gigs. they definitely deserve your support ;)

uk tour dates:
feb 27  bristol 
feb 28 birmingham
mar 1 leeds
mar 2 notthingham
mar 3 glasgow
mar 4 manchester
mar 5 london 
mar 6 southhampton 

hope you like them. xx


  1. I never heard them before and they're very good band, thanks for sharing!


thank you. hope to see you soon again x