LIVE: Dead Sea Skulls

I saw them last week at their single launch of  of their new single "I Wanna Buy A Rolex" at the Hawley Arms, Red Light Sessions. They clearly won over the audience and rocked the pub. One of the best new bands I've seen in a while. 

the band: 
A punk/indie/garage trio based in Birmingham, UK.  Raw Energy, Passion & Showmanship are all amplified by their big, heavy riffs, memorable chorus and melodies. With lead vocalist and drummer Ash Sheehan standing up behind the kit at front of the stage and brothers Jimi (Bass) and Nick (Guitar) Crutchley besides him, this is definitely a musical and visual force to be reckoned with. Their live shows are full of energy with a visual element and audience involvement that is a complete break from the norm. 

the gig: 
I knew the band is good but didn't expect a that good performance. The band was full of energy and involved the audience in the show. They clearly rocked the pub and truly won over the crowd. Ash Sheehan has a great voice and is an expert on his drums. One of the best new bands I've seen in a while. 

You should definitely try to make it to one of their upcoming dates (more to be announced):

April 18    The Victoria, Birmingham
April 20    Barfly, Camden - London 
May 31     Camden Rocks Festival, London

video + ep: 
Make sure to check out the video to their new single "I Wanna Buy A Rolex"  shot and directed by Ben Mills. Their new EP "Eau de Kitchen" is out May 31st.  



  1. look and sounds great!


  2. danke für deinen Kommentar :)
    das Lied hört sich cool an und vor allem coole Location für das Konzert.

    1. freut mich, dass es dir gefällt. ja das pub ist hammer. musste unbedingt mal ausprobieren, solltest in london sein. (: x

  3. Great review, I'll be sure to check the band out. Love your blog as well! :)


thank you. hope to see you soon again x